Why Buy Local

When you buy local, your money stays in your community. But there are a number of reasons to Buy Local.

Strengthen Local Communities

Our economy is grown locally. Local family farmers spend their money with local merchants, so the money stays in rural communities where it benefits everyone and helps build a stronger local economy.

Create Local Jobs

Nova Scotia’s agri-food industry contributes more than 10,000 jobs and over half a billion dollars annually to the provincial economy. It supports local businesses, keeps people employed at home, and creates stability in rural communities.

People enjoying cantaloupe at the Incredible Picnic in 2011

Support Local Farmers

Nova Scotia has the highest number of farmers’ markets per capita in Canada. Farmers who sell directly to consumers via farm gates, farmers’ markets and CSAs receive a larger (and fairer) portion of food profits.

Protect the Environment

Local food travels fewer kilometres and has less packaging. Foods from outside Nova Scotia often travel thousands of kilometres to our plates—that’s a lot of greenhouse gas emissions!

Safeguard Health

We know where local foods come from and the safety standards they must meet. It is easy to trace local foods and to find out how they are produced.

Choose Quality

Local food is fresher and tastier than food shipped long distances. Choose local at farm gates, farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms and grocery stores for fruit, veggies, meat, and eggs at their nutritional peak.

Fresh produce at the Valley Market