Fantastic Wine & Cheese Pairings


There are some things that just belong together. So, we wanted to share our favourite wine and cheese pairings to celebrate a food and drink bond that will always be magical.


Ran-Cher Acres Chevre (goat cheese) is soft and tangy. Two things we really like. And the wines that we liked with Chevre all have citrusy notes and some crispness to them. Lightfooot & Wolfville Winery’s 2017 Terroir Series Sauvignon Blanc delivers lime and grapefruit notes. We also liked Blomidon Estates Unoaked Chardonnay.


Urban Blue cheese from Blue Harbour Cheese is creamier than a lot of blue cheeses, and a little less pungent. We got into a couple of bottles of wine from Avondale Sky with Urban Blue – their Martock Select Late Harvest, and here’s a twist - we tried their Ferry Road red after reading it was a good pairing too. They weren’t wrong.


Quark is spreadable German cheese akin to North American cream cheese. Fox Hill Cheese House makes a variety of flavoured Quark cheeses including curry…which got our attention. We had to ask about pairing this one, and the folks in the know recommended Riesling. We tried our Quark with Gaspereau Riesling from Gaspereau Vineyards. With its acidity and just a hint of sweetness, the Riesling was a good call.


We talked about pungent flavours with Urban Blue. But take it up a notch and you’ve got Dragon’s Breath from That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm. It’s a big cheese and we were steered in the direction of sweeter dessert wines. Two that came highly recommended were Borealis Icewine from Benjamin Bridge and Domaine de Grand Pré’s Pomme d’Or Ice Cider. Apples and Cheese. Now that makes sense.


We did a little more digging online, and although we haven’t tried these for ourselves, we wanted to leave you with a couple of wines that describe themselves as great for a variety of cheeses. Try Grand Pré Ortega or Jost L’Acadie Chardonnay.


We’re by no means pairing experts; but that’s part of the fun. Experiment with your own local combinations and see what happens. It’s local wine and cheese. Can you ever really go wrong?